A freeware simple utility that generates pseudorandom numbers

Random numbers made by software algorithms are never really random. Hence the name pseudorandom. However, with a good algorithm pseudorandom numbers are random enough for most purposes. I wanted to check a little how the java flavors in the packages java.util.Random and java.security.SecureRandom behaved. Also I wanted to try some news in later java versions. The result is this very simple program that generates pseudorandom numbers. The generated numbers can be saved or copied to the system clipboard. Both formats work well if one wants to paste the result into a spreadsheet. I also applied the Box-Muller transform for an alternative way to generate pseudorandom numbers that is approximately normal distributed.

By clicking the analyze button some simple facts about the numbers in the results text area are calculated. The numbers can be sorted by checking the sort checkbox and then pressing analyze.

Who is this for? Well if you want an alternative source of pseudorandom numbers to try in your spreadsheet calculation, or just wanna generate a few sort of random numbers this might be for you.

Most controls have an explaining tool-tip. In many of the drop down choices you can write your own figures. The progress bar don't work particularly well though I did what I was supposed to do. It's updated from the SwingWorker that generates the numbers. Storing the results in a JTextArea was not a bright idea. Approaching one million numbers it starts behaving strangely.

What's not here: A Fourier and/or some Periodicity Transform would be nice in the analyze results section. Highly unlikely I find time for this.



Should work on any platform that has JRE 7 (Java 7) installed.


Download version 1.35

Useage: java -jar Randomizer.jar or use the RunRandomizer.bat file.

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