The "A New Frontier" CDM

This record is released by A Different Drum. Click on any track name to listen to excerpts in 160 kbps MP3 format!
(Soundquality really sucks compared to the CD - We promise. But it's decent enough to give you an idea of how the the record sounds.)

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A New Frontier:
1.  A New Frontier (Single Edit)
An oceanliner is departing with flags and cheering... A spaceship is departing... We always need a new frontier. Have a guess what the digital Oberheim OB-12 is playing?!
2.  A New Frontier (Lo-Fi Disco Mix)
Todd Durrant's marvellous Lo-Fi mix. Better than the original!
3.  Easier Said Than Done
A song with a very Ultravox inspired bassline... About someone trying to cope with incompatible demands and deadlines. When his girlfriend leaves him he hardly has time to notice.
4.  All You Ever Wanted
A very old recording... saved for a special occasion, and this is it. The lyrics is somewhat related to Maria Calling. Very danceable stuff.
5.  A New Frontier (Extended Mix)
Classic "80's 12 inch vinyl style" remix of the A New Frontier album version by Todd Durrant. This track will appear in Lee Sobel's Luvrgrl movie.

(P) & © 2002 A Different Drum / Moulin Noir.

Moulin Noir
Anders Wikholm: Voice & Noise.
Mastered by Brian Hazard.
Artwork design and layout by Joey B.
Photo by Ralf Herrman
This record is dedicated to the memory of Frank Tovey.
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