The "I Can't Sleep" CD single

Buy this record from A Different Drum or Hot Stuff! (Click on track name to listen to one minute outtake in 160 kbps MP3 format. Soundquality really sucks compared to the CD - I promise. But it's decent enough to give you a good idea of how the the record sounds. Note: These tracks are very copyrighted. You may download them for your private personal use, but do not redistribute them in any way. Please consider buying the CD.)

The songs:
1.  I Can't Sleep
Full throttle without any trace of compromise. Shouting crowds and screaming Arp Odyssey. Lyrically a system breaking down from information overload. Or is it a human? Perhaps the best song I've written so far.
2.  I Can't Sleep, Frantically
Frantic's remix. Or rather remake since it like all remixes on this single rather is a brand new song. Slower tempo and slightly Depeche inspired. Many people prefer this version over the original.
3.  Sleepless on the Floorshow
The Floorshow house remake. Starts very calm, then flat out dancefloor material. Almost a religious feel to it. Great stuff.
4.  I C-Art - Can't Sleep
The C-Art remake. Completely different, almost industrial stuff. Frantic's comment was: "You really have used the chainsaw on it." Makes this single far more interesting.
5.  Utopia - Here We Come
About people in a Stalin like dictatorship in a far future. The architechture is even more grotesque, people live in poverty and the hunt for imagined traitors is still absurd. This song is also on the CD you get when you buy the magazine Prospective 2/2000. All drums, hats and cymbals made with the fabulous Korg MS-20.
6.  This Time
A relationship breaking apart. Is it worth saving or is it a waste of time? More social realism than a play by Lars Norén ;-). I believe the vocals are unusually good here.

Track 1, 5 and 6: Anders Wikholm.
Track 2: Anders Wikholm / Magnus Walterstad.
Track 3: Anders Wikholm / Magnus Wikholm.
Track 4: Anders Wikholm / Peter Modin.
Production and arrangement:
Track 1, 5 and 6: Moulin Noir.
Track 2: Frantic.
Track 3: Floorshow.
Track 4: C-Art.
(P) & © 2000 Burning Car.

Moulin Noir
Anders Wikholm: Voice & Noise.
Moulin Noir tracks recorded at The Mill.
Cover Design & front photo: Randolph Carter.
Label and back photo: Martin Alfredsson.
Mastered by Henrik Jonsson, Cutting Room.
Distributed in Sweden by Border.
Special thanks to: Per Fältenborg, Hot Stuff.
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