The "Maria Calling" video single

This record is available from most record stores in sweden, from A Different Drum or Hot Stuff. (Click on track name to listen in 160 kbps MP3 format. Soundquality really sucks compared to the CD - I promise. But it's decent enough to give you a good idea of how the the record sounds. Note: These tracks are very copyrighted. You may download them for your private personal use, but do not redistribute them in any way. Please consider buying the CD.)

The video:
Maria Calling
Directed by Viking Johansson. Photo: Camilla Skagerström. Story: Viking Johansson. Starring Madelene Hansson and Moulin Noir. On the CD it's in mpeg-1 format looking just great in full screen mode. Here it's in real audio format which gives small size but not so amusing quality. More info and still pictures at the video page.

The songs:
1.  Maria Calling (radio edit)
Beautiful stuff with very unsettling lyrics. Here in the ultrabeatiful radio/video edit.
2.  Automation
EBM like Yes would do it?! Dancefloor stuff with quite amusing lyrics about someone trying to break up from everyday routine. "That quality fad" mentioned is of cause ISO-9000 and Titus Groan is a character invented by Mervyn Peake.
3.  An Ocean With Seagulls
Very romantic stuff indeed. Bassdrum and Snare are done with the extremely weird Korg KPR-77 drummachine. Contains one of the best solo's I've ever done. Try to listen to it in headphones..
4. Maria Calling (remastered original)
Same version as on the Descending album, but remastered. Beautiful stuff with very unsettling lyrics. I got the idea for this song watching the play ”Fågelpappan” by Staffan Götestam (performed by Östersunds Teaterverkstad). Can you write pop music about consequences of child abuse? Well, why not. Straffan wrote a play. I've met several real life cases, and no one else sings for them.
5.  Maria Calling (C-Art edit)
Well C-Art aka Peter Modin made completely different and interesting music. Corresponds more to the dark lyrics, or what do you think?

All songs written, arranged, performed and produced by Anders Wikholm except track 5 written by Anders Wikholm / Peter Modin, produced by Peter "C-Art" Modin.
(P) & © 2001 Burning Car.

Moulin Noir
Anders Wikholm: Voice & Noise.
Recorded in The Mill on seven Adat tracks synced to the ASR-10 sequencer. Instruments used: Korg: Trident, Ms-10, Ms-20, Mono/Poly, DW 6000, PS-3100. ARP: Odyssey. Oberheim: Matrix-6, Matrix-1000, DPX-1. Sequential: Prophet 2002+. Ensoniq: ASR-10. Kawai: K3m. Kurzweil: K1000 PX Professional.
Mastered at Polar studios by Henrik Jonsson.
Lyrics for Maria Calling inspired by the play "Fågelpappan" by Staffan Götestam.
Cover design Randolph Carter. Cover photos by Camilla Skagerström.
"The Tower" and versions of "Dramatic" appeared in the TV drama "Från Bosnien" directed by Viking Johansson. Thanks to everyone involved in this project.

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