Moulin Noir @ Club Ultrafoxx, Sugarbar, Stockholm, 2009

Photos by Diana Malm.    Go back

Moulin Noir V2009 MkII: Hans Åkerman and myself.

This was great fun, as always at club Ultrafoxx. We were opening for Twice A Man, who did a marvellous gig. Lars Blomstrand did a fantastic job mixing both concerts. The venue is very small, and sold out it becomes very crowded. There were almost impossible to get a picture of both of us, and Hans was mainly obscured by smoke so there weren't many pictures where he is visible.

The only picture where I managed to look cute. Yes, live I am faking it with digital synthesizers. ;)


Hans Åkerman in the smoke.


Playing a solo on the Alesis Micron, frantically twisting knobs.


Here Hans is sort of visible.



Photo by Sylvia Johansson.

Lol, the duct tape is never far away.


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