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Outside the Varsity

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Welcome to the official homepage of Moulin Noir! Presented in marvellously outdated nineties style web design ;). We have continued developing new romantic music since the early eighties. News and other updates are now mostly happening at Moulin Noir on blogger. You wonder what "New Romantic" is? Well come in and find out! Contact info at the personal page.

To enjoy this site you used to need 1024x768 screen resolution, but it is step by step slowly rebuilt to scale better. Virtually any browser will work. Except on the really ancient graphics page, java applets have now been removed since you get scary/annoying security alarms in most browsers. Note to Oracle: Fix the security problems! Why flash don't get even worse alarm pop ups is beyond my understanding. No flash on this site except the music player. Make sure you surf this site from the index page! Everything here is © Moulin Noir if not stated otherwise.
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