The "What's Up Now?" CD

Buy this record from A Different Drum or Hot Stuff! (Click on track name to listen in 160 kbps MP3 format. Soundquality really sucks compared to the CD - I promise. But it's decent enough to give you a good idea of how the the record sounds. Note: These tracks are very copyrighted. You may download them for your private personal use, but do not redistribute them in any way. Please consider buying the CD.)

The songs:
1.  The House of Richard III (Despair & Die Mix)
A minor radio hit. Tremendously inspired by the movie "Richard III" with Laurence Olivier.
2.  The White Room
Quite weird stuff about a person with thousands of ideas, but noone's ever completed. A bit like me?
3.  What's Up Now?
Perhaps the best track. Very mean song with lyrics about stupid neo nazis. And yes, it's Adolf and his followers screaming in the background.
4.  Afterwards
"Pseudo classic" waltz describing a very disturbing scene after an unknown battle.
5.  Heaven Waits Forever
Cute pop song with fun lyrics about a man that tries to commit suicide and discovers he can't die. Yet.
6.  The World Displayed
Nice track about a couple not speaking to eachother, just watching TV. I still like this song.
7.  White Dove
Straight rock with very political lyrics. I can't do rock, but I stubbornly keep trying. Nice samples though. Radio Moscow I think.
8.  Without You
More pseudo classical stuff. I won't reveal which girl I was thinking of...
9.  L'Amour Toujours
Fun pop stuff. The lyrics are quite inspired by Sparks, and there's lot's of references to their songs. 'Russell sings "Stereo", and 'Now "Here In Heaven" will be your favourite beat'.
10. Their Counter Attack
Weird track about a battle. One melody line is very similar to Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera". Because of that we almost dropped this song, until Leif discovered it's also exactly like a song I wrote for Style of Life early 1983. Quite strange coincidence.
11. Dream With Wires
Weird and dark sci-fi lullaby. Really mean ARP Odyssey. One of my favourites.
12. Facts & Figures
Information overload galore. The second best track on this record. Read the lyrics here.
13. What Have You Got To Loose?
More rock and as usual it fails. The chorus is nice though. At the time I thought I needed something positive before the next track.
14. That Yellow Beam
Total disturbing darkness. The ARP screams like an asylum inmate. Only two people in the world have ever liked this song.

All songs composed by Anders Wikholm.
Produced and arranged by Moulin Noir.
(P) & © 1993 Anders Wikholm.

Moulin Noir
Jeanna Bystrand: Voice.
Leif Hansson: Engineer.
Anders Wikholm: Voice & Noise.
Roger Adolfsson: Guitar on track 6 and 7.
Recorded in Stig Hansson studio, Fjällsta, Sweden.
Cover Photo: Mats Deltin (back), Sara Rastbäck & Leif Hansson (front).
Layout: Local Hero Music.
Special thanks to Roger Adolfsson, Emma & Brenda Höglund, Kerstin Osterman, Sara Rastbäck & Magnus Wikholm. Special special thanks to Stig & Ann-Marie Hansson.
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