The "Descending" CD

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1.  The Tower

Non vocal intro. The view is breathtaking. This tower is actually the ski jumping tower in Frösön, Sweden. The song first appeared in tv movie "From Bosnia".

2.  Descending (Upper Regions)

Very much inspired by the Thomas M Disch novel with the same name. A man descends the escalator in a department store, and suddenly realises he must be 40 floors below ground level. Where does it end?

3.  The Waiting Game

Things never turn out the way expected... Quite humourus stuff. I've discovered the vocals is really one half tone above my singing range... But I manage it if I haven't got a flue.

4.  Over The Wall

A hero gets a very weird assignment... equipped with the latest technology he looks for shadows. Loads of screaming ghosts here...

5.  Clouds Move Too Slow

I guess I got the idea for this song when seeing Wim Wenders "Faraway, So Close!" There are too few swooshing sounds in the world nowdays, this song aims to correct this scarcity. A nice price will delivered to the one that correctly guess what gear I use to achieve it. BTW Rossio is in Lisbon if you didn't know.

6.  Spellbound

The best track on this record? Versions will appear on single later. The club described in the lyrics is "Bunkern" in Östersund, Sweden. Was fun sometimes, but closed long ago...

7.  What You Do Is Important Too

Well, it's what you really do that counts, isn't it? Got the idea from a sample where I say "Enter the mixdown zone" originally used in a ridiculous song you don't want to hear. I played around with the sample and it soon evolved into this song.

8. Maria Calling

Beautiful stuff with very unsettling lyrics. I got the idea for this song watching the play ”Fågelpappan” by Staffan Götestam (performed by Östersunds Teaterverkstad). Can you write pop music about consequences of child abuse? Well, why not. Straffan wrote a play. I've met several real life cases, and no one else sings for them.

9. You and I

A love song... and like most of my love songs it fails somewhat. I'll never reveal who the girl is... Perhaps I'm more inspired by miserable stuff? When I wrote this it was actually trendy to use vinyl crackle... at least it's not random. Some extra Arp Odyssey "chugga-chugga" saves the last chorus.

10. The Hunting

Flat out dancefloor stuff. I really tried hard to write a commercial song here, but as usual it evolved to something completely different. Lyrically about all those really predictable action series. Zap, zap, zap.... you can't avoid them...

11. I Can't Sleep

Title track from the I Can't Sleep single. Swedish radio stations really hated it, not conventional enough I guess. Most people love it - even those that normally only listens to the middle of the road rubbish currently dominating radio.

12. On Your Own

This pretentious mini symphony treads the thin line between grandiose and overly pompous. Some days I think it's among the best songs I've ever written, some days I hate it. The end is great though.

13. Dramatic

Journalists live in luxury at Hilton. At night they have drinks in the bar, during daytime they cover a terrible civil war. Several different versions of this song originally appeared in a TV film by Viking Johansson.

14. Descending (Basement Area)

The descent continues. Great song to end a concert with. The live version is unstoppable.

All songs written, arranged, performed and produced by Anders Wikholm.
(P) & © 2000 Burning Car.

Moulin Noir
Anders Wikholm: Voice & Noise.
Rythm consultant on "Spellbound": Magnus Danielsson. Recorded in The Mill on seven Adat tracks synced to the ASR-10 sequencer. Instruments used: Korg: Trident, Ms-10, Ms-20, Mono/Poly, DW 6000, PS-3100. ARP: Odyssey. Oberheim: Matrix-6, Matrix-1000, DPX-1. Sequential: Prophet 2002+. Ensoniq: ASR-10. Kawai: K3m.
Mastered at Cutting Room by Peter in de Betou, except "I Can’t Sleep" mastered by Henrik Jonsson.
Cover design and photo by Veronica Abrahamsson. Background photo by Maria Näsström and inlay inside photo by Martin Alfredsson. Cover layout & treatments: Randolph Carter.
"The Tower" and versions of "Dramatic" appeared in the TV drama "Från Bosnien" directed by Viking Johansson. Thanks to everyone involved in this project.
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