History, Part II

This is the old news section.. so you have to read it from bottom up ;) A lot of the links to venues and such will be broken.

2009-02-17: More ive info

  • 30 March - Darkroom
    2210 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, USA
Flyer for the club Anything gig

News on the instrument front:
I'm selling off some of the didgital synths.. not that I don't like digital synths.. but when I want digital sounds I always end up using the OB-12, K5000 or some of the hybrid synths. I just don't have space for synths I relly don't use. More interesting.. I have started building a small modular synth! I had a long time felt I didn't use the excellent Peavey Spectrum filter enough. Tuck in an oscillator and the spectrum is almost a synth in itself. And I was annoyed how huch I occupied the Ms-20 for noise puffs. So I got the idea using the spectrum as the basis for a small modular... especially suited for sculpting noise. After some planning it's clear it will end up being much more than a noise sculpting synth. I got the Schneidersladen/MFB rack kit and have started filling it with modules, mainly from Doepfer and MFB. It will be a small but spectacular thing. I'll keep you posted.

2009-01-27: Live info

  • 28 Mar 2009 - Varsity Theater
    1308 4th St Se, Minneapolis, Minnesota MN 55414, USA

    INFORMATION SOCIETY with Moulin Noir, Faith Assembly, and Milkbar!
    Varsity Theater
  • 26 Mar 2009 - Inferno
    1718 Commercial Ave, Madison, Wisconsin WI 53704, USA
    Moulin Noir, Faith Assembly and Null Device
    Club Inferno

Nick and Laura from Endless Blue will be part of Moulin Noir during these gigs! Check out the Endless Blue website! It will be very exciting to find out what they are going to add to the songs. I have played with Nick at the ADD festival 06 and it was great fun.

2009-12-19: Yes.. Something other than the software area here is FINALLY updated! (And software is updated too;)

After a long wander in the dark Moulin Noir is alive and kicking again. New livedates.. new songs!

The reason for the long break is mainly excessive strain from the work in the IT business that pays the bills. And also failiure with the follow up to Boy In Darkness. Half finished it sounded like "Boy In Darkness part II, the not particularly interesting songs that sounds like the ones on the previous album". ;-)

And beware.. Now I also have an Alesis Andromeda.

2006-09-28: Words Are Something Special 7" single avaliable Yes, a very small number of the 1989 vinyl single are now available from Electronic Obsession.

Applause: I finally found a Simmons ClapTrap. It's the newer (but still very old) "digital" model which means the clap is lo-fi sampled, but the filtered noise is analogue. It sounds fantastic. Expect a lot of claps on the next album ;)

ADD festival in Salt Lake City: I had a great time. Lot's of fantastic acts. Unfortunately I had a terrible cold and didn't sing very well during the Moulin Noir gig. But Nick Mitchell on synthesizers really played great. Here's what Virus Mag wrote: "One word 'fishnets'. Romantic Swedish synthpop at its finest. Moulin Noir fits the New Romantic manifesto to a T! They were amazing! I wouldn’t expect anything less though. Readers, do yourself a favor and investigate Moulin Noir, they are pretty incredible. It’s dark, it’s a perfect blend of retro-Gothicism meshed with Swedish synthpop… with makeup and fishnets to back it all up!" After the festival Todd (Mr ADD) took some of us on an amazing sightseeing in southern Utah. If you are from sweden the nature looks like an amazing alien planet. We had incredibly fun.

Now I really have to finish off some new songs... I'll try not to over use that clap ;)

2006-07-31: Moulin Noir DJ:ing at Volga, Stockholm Wednesday august second I spin records at Volga, Sugar Bar, Stockholm, Sweden. Info page (swedish): Club Volga. Expect a lot of New Romantic & New Wave!

New webserver I moved this web to a new server... and guess what. I had been sloppy with capitals in paths. For a windows server this doesn't matter, but thats not the case in other os:es ;) Well, well. I'll fix things as soon as possible.

2006-07-25: ADD SLC 26K Synthpop festival coming up

I'm rehearsing for the festival gig. Expect some new songs! Nick Mitchell from Endless Blue will guest star on keyboards!

I've bought a Vermona DRM1 MKII analog drum synthesizer. It's a marvellous thing :)

2006-03-22: Tour summary

Well... At last I find time to write something here. I've also had technical problems with the website, and not been able to update for a while. Also, during my month in the US, piles at my daytime work as software engineer started to reach mount everest size.

To summarize.. We had a wonderful time, and I just loved to meet the fans. This thirteen gigs is actually about as many live performances I've done earlier including the gigs with Style of Life in the 80's. But Moulin Noir will certainly play more live in the future. Next gig will be the ADD festival in Salt Lake City.

BTW If you took pictures during one of the gigs I'd love if you mailed them to anders a8t moulin-noir.com. We only had crappy mobile-phone cameras. I hope to get up some photos here soon. In the mean time the Run Level Zero's mobile blog is now finished.

Special thanks to Trace Tumbleson and his wonderful family that made this tour happen. And thanks to Barbra Bowen and all fans, promotors and friendly helpful people.

Fuel for the tour was sponsored by:     Clean renewable ethanol.

2006-01-19: Date confirmed

The gig in Des Moines the 28th is confirmed. I just forgot to remove pending here. Louisville is probably not going to happen. It would be a ten hour drive for starters. I'll write a full tour report here when I'm back in New York. In the mean time you can check the hilarious blog at Run Level Zero tour moblog

2006-01-14: Minnepolis

Tripple rock was sold out! We all had a wonderful time :) A gig in Louisville may be added!

2006-01-14: Touring the US with Run Level Zero

2005-11-16: I've just bought this hilarious analogue bass drum synthesizer from Thomann. Way cool :)

Work on the new album has finally started to progress. There is much to be done, so I can't promise any date yet.

2005-11-15: Vastly improved ASE Client

If you are using my ASE Client database software for Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise databases it's a good time to download the new version now. It is tremendously improved, and has loads of new functions. Go to Software.

2005-06-23 (corrected 2005-07-04): My remix for Capsize "Dissatisfaction Guaranteed" is finally finished. I call it "Analogue Hardware Edit" which is a very suitable name. The only drums that aren't analogue are a couple of puffs from a sampled steam machine used as cymbals. ;) I had loads of problems, especially with my Philips consumer grade CD burner, which I've been using as master recorder. It decided to go mad and eat all my audio CDr's. Luckily my brother gave me his professional Marantz CD recorder. It uses ordinary CDr's but is quite picky about brand. I guess most CD's aren't manufactured for 1X recording speed nowdays. I believe I'm the only one in the world that's not mixing inside a computer nowdays, but I like the way I work.

Recordings on the new album is recommenced. I really know what I'm heading for this time.

I know I should improve this very mid 90's style website.. but I won't have time for a while. It's very unstylish, and look at the html if you want a good laugh. But I believe it's more important to update the content more frequently and to finish the new album.

I just bought synth number 37. A Yamaha DX-200. It's a groovebox with romple-sounds that were cool for commercial techno some years ago... But I's also a DX-7 compatible FM synth with macro knobs, a noise source, and a full blown subtractive synth engine. FM is hard, but with this beast it's dead easy to make interesting FM growls and then scult them to shape with subtractive synthesis. DX-200 is incredibly cheap used nowdays. Well - you can get FM synths as plug ins, but this one has lot's of knobs.

Don't miss the releasparty for my friend Vlona Koorbash's band Uran. It's june 28 at D&J, Varberg, Sweden -- 17:00 - 02:00. I sing in the background on the song named "Breathe" on the album. The brand new Uran website is here: uran-music.net

2005-03-30: Sorry for not updating for ages.. But here are some news.

Work has started on a new Moulin Noir album.. scheduled to be recorded at last november 2005. The release date is to be determined.

I'll have a go remixing tracks with swedish bands Capsize and Uran. Interesting, especially since I've never remixed anyone else before. I'm also working with Vlona Korbash from Uran... both on tracks that might end up on the next Moulin Noir album and on tracks for Uran.

Concerts went well... especially the gig at Tmpl in stockholm. There's images in the pictures area. There probably won't be any more live appearances before autumn 2005.

I've bought a Korg DW-8000 and a Tama TAM-500 drum set with pads and stands. Both mostly for live usage :)

2004-10-27: The "Electropop Heroes II" compilation is out on Memento Materia. It will probably be released in europe too. Cool and danceable remixes from current sweedish acts. The Moulin Noir track is a remix by Magnus Walterstad: "Luvrgrl (Respawn by Frantic)"

Watch out for a christmas CD from A Different Drum. I've recorded a quite bizarre symphonic version of the Swedish psalm "Gläns över sjö och strand" by Viktor Rydberg/Alice Tegnér. The lyrics was first published in 1891.

2004-10-11: Moulin Noir live at Luminarious, Trimont, December 4.
2004-09-28: Moulin Noir live at The Quest, Minneapolis, December 3. Tickets released at Ticketmaster!

2004-09-16: First Moulin Noir gigs ever in the USA: Minneapolis, december 3 and Trimont, december 4. More info coming soon - and some gigs in sweden.

Out October 11 on Memento Materia: The "Electropop Heroes II" compilation with the Moulin Noir track "Luvrgrl - Respawn By Frantic"

2004-06-03: From #6 to #5 :) Nordic Alternative Chart June!

2004-06-03: "Boy In Darkness" straight into 6th place at Nordic Alternative Chart May!

2004-05-16: A great review of Boy In Darkness at Gothic Paradise

This college radiostation in San Antonio, Texas must be extremely cool :D
>>Subject: CMJ RPM Report from KSYM.
>>Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 09:32:48 -0400
>>CMJ RPM Report from KSYM.
>>#   ARTIST                        Recording
>>1   MOULIN NOIR                   BOY IN DARKNESS
>>2   IMPERATIVE REACTION           Redemption
>>4   AND ONE                       Aggressor
>>5   ICON OF COIL                  Machines Are Us
>>6   REAL LIFE                     OBLIVION
>>7   CESIUM 137                    Elemental
>>8   ANDRACULOID                   Imbalance
>>9   EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN        Perpetuum Mobile
>>10   RUN LEVEL ZERO               Walk The Psycho Path

2004-05-06: The "Boy In Darkness" album is out. Listen to it here! It even got distributed in sweden by Border... Thanks to Per on Hot Stuff :) The mastering by Brian Hazard is fabulous! Moulin Noir have never sounded this good.

A collection of three different ultracool Moulin Noir button badges is out. You can get them cheap from Hot Stuff, PAF and A Different Drum.

The gig in gothenburg is postponed to early autumn... Keep posted for livedates!

2004-03-02: Brand new Moulin Noir track "Conformia" released on the ADD compilation cd "Synthpop For A Darkened Room II"

2004-01-24: The Boy In Darkness album is now mastered. Stay tuned for release date =)

Moulin Noir will play at the Static festival in stockholm! The first live appearance since 2001. And what a lineup this festival has... Don't miss it.

2004-01-06: Hope you all had a nice holiday! I just sent the linernotes for the Boy In Darkness album cover, so now everything I need to do on the album is finished.

Mark your calendar for: LUVRGRL - The World Premiere of Lee Bennett Sobel’s feature film Saturday February 21 • Sunday February 22 Seating 7:30pm @ FREIGHT, 410 W. 16 Street, NYC 212-242-6555 $8 Admission View the movie trailer, stills and info at www.lofientertainment.com DVDs featuring the movie, making-of doc, trailer and deleted scenes will be on sale at the premiere. The story of one young woman’s dark descent into sexual addiction, the film features an all-electro score by acclaimed international artists London 86, Moulin Noir, Neurepublik, Psyche, Legowelt, Galvanized, Suture Seven, and others.

Synthpop For A Darkened Room II compilation is under way. Moulin Noir track is "Conformia" from the Boy In Darkness album.

2003-12-01: The "Boy In Darkness" album finished! FINALLY! This is one long album... and I'm INCREDIBLY happy with the result. A release date will be scheduled soon.

The Luvrgrl DVD release now seems to be pushed back to early 2004.

2003-09-24: The Luvrgrl movie is to be released on DVD December 1, 2003. See the department "coming soon" at Lofi Entertainment

The never ending story of the new Moulin Noir album "Boy In Darkness": It's in progress. Three songs left to finish off.

I've accquired a Yamaha TG-33, a Tama TS-305 drumbrain for live use and yesterday a Waldorf Microwave XT. I've always wanted a vector synth (TG-33) and a wavetable synth (Microwave)...

2003-06-23: Electricity II and Living On Video is out now! I've bought a Tama TAM-500 analogue drum synth, mostly for live usage. Work on the Boy In Darkness album is progressing... Had to throw away a track that ended up in a non satisfying way... Replaced it with "Nürnberg Girl" (working name), a song that promises to be one of the best I've ever made.

2003-05-17: Recording... recording... "Boy In Darkness" is closing in.. I've updated the discography with some compilations and a picture of my first release. And finally the LED applet in that page shows some new release news ;) I bought a marvellous and incredibly cheap synth: The MFB Synth LITE. The tiny box contains a full fledged mono synth with dual digital oscillators and a FAT four pole analogue filter. Amazing.

2003-04-03: I just signed the contract for the release of Maria Calling on a DVD compilation by Cohaagen. The Electricity II compilation is soon in the stores, and a dance edit of a brand new song - Kiss Me Quick - will end up in Synthpop Club Anthems II.

Otherwise I'm frantically trying to finish the recordings for the fothcoming Moulin Noir album. I have all songs, I just have to record three of them.. Sorry for the delay.

Oh boy... I saw Sparks in Stockholm the 24th. A tremedous marvellous performance. =)

2002-12-09: Increased availability of the ADD released albums! Now they're also available from www.cdnow.com, www.virginmega.com and www.borders.com. As previously also from www.amazon.com, www.adifferentdrum.com and www.hotstuff.se.
Luvrgrl 2002-11-15: Lee has updated the Luvrgrl website. Click on image to go there.

We have stopped working with swedish distributor Border. Everybody in Sweden bought from the internet recordstores anyway.

I am still working to complete the new album. Now I believe a master will be finished end of december. Sorry for all delays.

I've managed to get hold of a Simmons SDS-8, thanks to Patrik from Encounter... and another Roland R8m to control it from midi thanks to Scapesonic. Expect even more fat electronic toms.. =)

2002-10-03: Incredibly hard work on upcoming album "Boy in Darkness" still under progress. It's deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelayed, but the wait will be worthwile!

I've been spending a couple of hours singing in the Run Level Zero studio... keep your eyes open for the next RLZ album!

Moulin Noir on future compilations: "Maria Calling" will be on "Synthpop for a Darkened Room" (ADD) and "Descending (Upper Regions)" will be on "Electricity II" (Ninthwave records).

Luvrgrl 2002-10-03: Several Moulin Noir songs will appear in Lee Sobel's upcoming movie Luvrgrl!

2002-06-26: Sorry for not updating for so long... The "A New Frontier" mcd is now released. I really love Todd Durrants two remixes. A listen page will be up soon on this site.

I've bought two synthesizers: A Kawai K5000s, and a Korg Micro Preset. The Kawai is a very advanced additive synthesizer with a unique sound. And some thousand programmable parameters... The Korg is a 70's analogue mono-synth. I bought it mostly for fun and to complete the "Korg museum" look of my studio. But the micro preset has a unique sound, and I will use it on the next album.

At the moment I'm working extremely hard with the upcoming "Boy In Darkness" album, scheduled for release 17th of september.

2002-04-05: I am really depressed... Last saturday I saw Fad Gadget in one of the best live performances ever at SAMA. He grabbed my hand when floating by over the audience... and yesterday I get an sms with the message he (Frank Tovey) is dead. Can't really grasp it yet...

2002-03-11: Bought a couple of new synths.. The amazing MAM ADX 1 analogue drum synth module... and a second hand Studio Electronics ATC-1 with the Moog filter. Lot's of people have complaind that no gear information is on this site, so I've added an updated list now on the Sounds page. And in contrast to Aphex Twin I don't mind telling... I've also updated the discography page.

2002-03-08: A great new 2 cd collection "World Of Synthpop 4" is released by Zoomshot (EFA 61676-2). Containes 32 great tracks by Moulin Noir, Psyche, Kaj, Spock, Echo Image and others. The Moulin Noir track is "The Waiting Game (Monumental Mix)" from The White Room album... actually misspelled to "The Waiting Room" on the cover :). Nevertheless a very good record.

Apologize for not updating for a while... ;) I'm incredibly busy recording new material while learning to use loads of new stuff... like Behringer Ultracurve & Ultradyne and the new "Oberheim by Viscount" OB-12. Just like I needed another synth *sigh*, but I couldn't resist buying the OB-12 after trying it for an hour... This is the only VA synth that impress me when you switch the effects off... and it blends well with my existing mountain of analogue synths.
Dates for new releases: April 30th, 2002 -- "A New Frontier" MCD, July 9th, 2002 -- TBA CD
Releaseparty! 10/01 2001:
The gig at the Crypt was marvellous... I and the Run Level Zero guys had a great time.

If you're nearby Toronto... check out this releaseparty. Sadly, I wont be able to attend personally... I'm incredibly busy recording new songs.

Moulin Noir records are now also available from PAF records

The Crypt MOULIN NOIR & RUN LEVEL ZERO live Friday 28/9 at The Crypt, Fredrikstad, Norway
08/16 2001:
The White Room album released in the USA. Click here to go to A Different Drum Available from your favourite synth supplier in most countries. Contains stuff like:
  • Great remixes by DJ Ram, KAJ, Count To Infinity, Shades Of Grey, Todd Durrant, Run Level Zero and Frantic.
  • Previously unreleased songs, including the Style Of Life classic "Live Happily".
  • Remastered tracks from "What's Up Now?".
More info on this site later!
06/20 2001:
Shadow Dancing 2 compilation released. Click here to go to A Different Drum Moulin Noir live: See the flyer to the left...
06/18 2001:
The Maria Calling videosingle released! Click here to view/listen! Moulin Noir live: next time at Club Plastic, Blue Moon Bar, Kungsbron 1, Stockholm. More info about this event soon.
04/09 2001:
Almost two months since the last update here... I didn't get the Sama award, but it was great fun anyway. And I saw a great gig by Animals in Jungles.

The pandemonium gig was interesting, apart from the fact I managed to pick up a terrible flue and sang like a crow. Photo's are up at the graphics section.

Big news: The "Maria Calling" single is mastered and the promo video by Viking Johansson is finished. Expect great stuff.

A release date for the first US release, the retrospective/remix album "White Room" is set to July 17. I've heard two of the remixes, and they're amazing.

02/22 2001:
Well... I was going to SAMA (Swedish Alternative Music Awards) anyway... and now I discover I'm nominated for 'Best newcomer'. Fun!

02/06 2001:
New gig coming up: Mars 31, Pandemonium club, Gothenburg, Sweden.

First release on ADD in the US will be a retrospective/remix album "White Room ". Will appear this spring. Expect great remixes by ADD artists, and some really old Style of Life and Moulin Rouge songs from the early eighties!

"I Cant Sleep, Frantically" will appear on the "Shadowdance 2" compilation.

I got a really great review in Zero magazine 4/2000... And there's a fine article there too.

Sorry for updating so terribly slow... been incredibly busy. Still working with the video mix of Maria Calling. Old synths breaking down doesn't help at all...

12/21 2000:
My life is a maelstrom... Sorry for not updating as usual. Lot's of great things will follow since Moulin Noir now is on the best synth pop record company: A Different Drum. Burning Car might still license releases in Sweden, but that's a later issue.

Look in the new number of Zero magazine for a feature article and a great review (4/5) of the Descending album.

New number of Prospective magazine also has a great review (8/10) of the album. In both cases the review is only in the paper mag and not on the web sites.

Thanks to all fans for this year. Keep sending mail! I promise to answer everything... though it might take some time. Will put up a Q&A section in the future.

The gig at Club Harrow Road at Continental in Örebro was fun... and the main act Inertia were very nice.

Some new pics by Carter (the unstoppable graphics machine) are up in the Graphics section. And finally:

11/21 2000:
Pictures from the Electric people gig in Eskilstuna now up in the graphics section. Recording of the Maria Calling video finished, but lot's of editing left. The video demanded a brand new version of the song for the video, and I haven't even started making it yet. It was great fun... We set the director Viking Johansson on fire(!) And smashed loads of mirrors... Predicted finish date: Late january.

11/17 2000:
FLASH: Burning Car in alliance with A Different Drum: "Descending" will be released in US. More exciting stuff in the pipeline!
Moulin Noir live: December 1 at Club Harrow Road, Contan, Örebro, Sweden!

11/06 2000:
Sorry for not updating for so long. Been incredibly busy with the java-programming that pays my bills. Eskilstuna was wonderful. Pictures will be up here soon. Everything is delayed as usual. The "Maria Calling" video will be shot the 18th.

09/29 2000:
New live performance: Saturday October 21 at an Electric People party in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Run Level Zero will also appear. More info at the Electric People web. Click here!
09/14 2000:
Well, the toplist below from zeromagazine looks quite nice... doesn't it? Mainstream media is of cause extremely busy ignoring me as usual... ;-)

Next single will be "Maria Calling" and it will get radio promotion by professionals. And a beautiful and unusual video.

My gig in helsingborg sucked. Partially cause I didn't hear what I was singing most of the time, partially because my lack of experience when things go wrong. I certainly have a lot of things to improve before next gig. I'd also like to do more multimedia, as seen in the pictures from old live performances in the graphics department. Got a good review by Länstidningen, Östersund. Will put it up as soon as I get a media deparment here...

L I V E 06/03 2000:
I really had a great time at Romo Night. Though I sang terribly due to a flue the audience was wonderful! Please drop me a mail if you took some photos.

Moulin Noir live next time at The Tivoli syntfestival, Helsingborg, August 12! Which also is the release date for full length album Descending.

05/02 2000:
Moulin Noir LIVE May 26 at Romo Night, Gothenburg! More info later!

04/20 2000:
Yes... FINALLY!!! Official release date for "I Can't Sleep" is:
May 2, 2000.
Track preview still in pipeline....

04/06 2000:
Shouldn't have written "soon" the last time, should I... But the records are already made after some trouble, so now there will soon be a releasdate... Previews of tracks will be on this site monday.

03/03 2000:
The records will be distributed in sweden by Border. The record company Carter is finally up and running... and renamed to Burning Car. Expect relasedates soon!
31/01 2000:
Now it can be told... A single with remixes by Frantic, Floorshow and C-Art. Plus two extra Moulin Noir tracks that wont appear on the upcoming full length album. Playtime around 27 minutes.

My releases in sweden will be on Carter, but that company is currently forming. So still no releasedate.... Soundsamples will appear here a couple of weeks before the release.

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