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(Soundquality really sucks compared to the CD - We promise. But it's decent enough to give you an idea of how the the record sounds.)

The White Room:
1.  The White Room (DJ Ram Hysteria Mix)
A strange story about a person with thousands of ideas, but noone's ever completed. The contemplative original is here transformed to great dance floor stuff by remixer DJ RAM (Russia). Original on the "What's Up Now?" album.
2.  Spellbound (Run Level Zero Mix)
Probably the best song I've written so far. Here in a mean pounding remix by my friends Run Level Zero (Sweden). Original on the Descending album.
3.  I Can't Sleep (Frantically)
A system breaking down from information overload... Remixed by Magnus "Frantic" Walterstad (Sweden). From the "I Can't Sleep" single.
4.  On Your Own
Perhaps the most pretentious mini-symphony I've ever done... "You'll reach the sky - The reason why? - You can make it all alone" Well, I like bombastic songs. From the "Descending" album.
5.  The Waiting Game (The Monumental Mix)
Things never turn out the way expected... Quite humourus stuff. Here in a radically different remix by The Nine (England). Original on the "Descending" album.
6.  Dramatic (Skin Maceration Mix)
The original very dark and "full of anxiety" track is here very elegantly transformed to a happy song by Shades Of Grey (USA). Original on the "Descending" album.
7.  America Mirage
A track from the Descending recordings. I had saved it for some special occasion, and this is it. The lyrics is about people from south america trying to illegaly sneak into the USA. More rock'n roll than what's healthy... but the singing saves it ;).
8.  Maria Calling (Radio Edit)
Beautiful stuff with very unsettling lyrics. I got the idea for this song watching the play ”Fågelpappan” by Staffan Götestam (performed by Östersunds Teaterverkstad). From the "Maria Calling" single. An alternate version is on the "Descending" album.
9.  10. The World Displayed (KAJ's Jazzy Flutter Mix)
About a couple not speaking to eachother, just watching TV. Intelligently remixed by KAJ (USA). Original on the "What's Up Now?" album.
10. The House Of Richard III
Very inspired by the utterly fabulous Laurence Olivier movie "Richard III" Original on "What's Up Now?" but here in a remastered version. "In the real world, the sole winner is the equal of Richard III..."
11. Welcome Home
This song first appeared on the first Moulin Rouge demo casette back in 1986. This version is almost identical to the original, but with much better recording quality. One of the best songs I've ever written.
12. Live Happily
Here's a completely retro version of a track from the first Style Of Life demo "Walking". Same synthesizers (mainly Korg Trident and Ms-20), same guitarist Magnus Wikholm and even the same infamous drum machine: Korg KPR-77. Virtually similar to the version recorded on Fostex 4-track casette in Christer Jonsson's garage 1983.
13. Facts And Figures
Another song about information overload... I seem to be a bit obsessed by the subject. This is a remastered version of the track from the "What's Up Now?" album. Probably the best song on that album.
14. The White Room (White Trash Mix)
A very different remix compared to track one. This is no dancefloor stuff... but beautiful pop. Remixed by Count To Infinity (USA).
15. On Your Own (reprise)
Rearranged by Todd Durrant (USA). This arrangement constantly makes me think: "Why didn't I think of that?" This is better than the original.

(P) & © 2001 A Different Drum / Moulin Noir.

Moulin Noir
Anders Wikholm: Voice & Noise.
Jeanna Bystrand: Backing vocals on track 10, 13 and 14.
Leif Hansson: Effects and mixing on track 10 and 13.
Magnus Wikholm: Guitar on track 12.
Mastered by Brian Hazard at 11th records, except track 3 and 8 by Henrik Jonsson, Polar studios.
Artwork design and layout by Greg Rolfes.
Thanks to everyone involved in this project!
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